Since I got the UC EA was giving away a few days ago and I managed to deal with my graphic problems, I was finally able to play again! I'm not sure yet, whether I will start a new legacy challenge but I'm thinking about it. For now though, just some pictures from the family I am playing at the moment!

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Ummmm.. Sorry?
I haven't posted in ages (not like anyone has read my legacy anyways~).
It's not that I lost interest in doing it, quite the opposite actually, I'd LOVE to continue.
But I can't. :/
I got a new computer a while back since my other one crashed and never worked again.
And the problem I have now is that Sims 2 doesn't work on my new computer..
I can install it and even start it but I can't change the resolution or any other graphics stuff.
My friend said it was because my graphic engine probably isn't getting recognized by the game?
And idk how to fix it, if I can even fix it (probably not, I'd guess :/). If anyone does have any ideas, please enlighten me!!

Well that's it for now, I guess I could do a Sims 3 legacy but I'm not too fond of the game really.

See ya!

Hannigan Legacy 1.0
Hello everyone! This'll be the first time ever I post a legacy on here, yaaay excitement. I'm very likely not the best at this kind of stuff but I have fun playing and I wanted to share this. :)
I hope you'll like this legacy as much as I already do! So without further ado, let's commence!
Warnings: slight nudity, probably cursing
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